oil colors on canvas @2022   

“My friend Anya, back at home, in Ukraine had one of her regular nosebleeds when we were hanging out in her house, and while she was trying to stop it, we noticed how both caught ourselves admiring the beauty of blood slowly running down her upper lip, its mystery and its saturated colors. We were in her bathroom and I had my film camera with me, so we took some pictures of her and her nosebleed in the bathtub.

After that, I made a painting, to share the beauty that I saw in the moment of a nosebleed.

The artwork represents the feeling of tension and peacefulness in one face expression, and how ugliness may transform into something really beautiful.

Usually, blood represents death, terror, and fear, but it is also just a red liquid inside of our bodies under our skin that keeps us alive. It’s all about you, your perception and its flexibility, the ability to accept and look at things differently.”


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