How to eat Russian babies (by Ukrainian recipes)” is a sarcastic fashion piece that was inspired by the myth that was spread in Russian media throughout the years about how Ukrainians eat Russian babies.

My goal with this dress was to make fun of the well-known and ridiculous rumor, but most importantly, to address the issue of misinformation in the media, which is often being used by certain individuals and organizations who are willing to gain power and control over big communities.  

Nowadays, misinformation in the media became a great tool for separation, isolation, and encouragement of hatred from one group of people towards another. It is scary how damaging, powerful, and blinding propaganda can get, how easily we’re being manipulated, and how the truth can be so hard to reach.
How to eat Russian babiesis a reminder of what kind of world we live in and how damaging certain people with access to the resources might be.

How to eat Russian babiesis a fully sarcastic piece that does not encourage any kind of violence against any kind of babies!!